ftpDear friends in Christ:

Corpus Christi is a feast when traditionally a procession was held carrying the Body of Christ (Corpus Christi or Corpus Domini) through the streets asking the Lord’s blessing that he might always accompany us.  A few years ago Pope Benedict offered a reflection on this procession and adoration that happens every year in Rome:

“In the Corpus Domini procession, we walk with the Risen One on his journey to meet the entire world, as we said. By doing precisely this, we too answer his mandate: “Take, eat… Drink of it, all of you” (Mt 26: 26ff.).

It is not possible to “eat” the Risen One, present under the sign of bread, as if it were a simple piece of bread. To eat this Bread is to communicate, to enter into communion with the person of the living Lord. This communion, this act of “eating”, is truly an encounter between two persons, it is allowing our lives to be penetrated by the life of the One who is the Lord, of the One who is my Creator and Redeemer.

The purpose of this communion, of this partaking, is the assimilation of my life with his, my transformation and conformation into he who is living Love. Therefore, this communion implies adoration, it implies the will to follow Christ, to follow the One who goes ahead of us. Adoration and procession thereby make up a single gesture of communion; they answer his mandate: “Take and eat”.”  -Pope Benedict XVI

May the Lord bless our community this day and every day of the year!

Fr. Johnson