ftpDear friends in Christ,

This weekend in the Gospel we hear how the disciples were tossed about by the wind in the small boat carrying them across the Sea of Galilee. It seemed as if the Lord was oblivious to all, asleep on a cushion. They cry out, “Master, do you not care that we are perishing?” This, of course, is how it seems to us very often as the storms of life toss us about.

Doesn’t God care? God seems distant from us. Yet, this Gospel event reminds us, that the Lord God, whom even the wind and seas obey, is in fact, with us and cares about us so much that he has taken on our human condition and accompanies us. And what is more, the Lord Jesus has that power to save us and will come to our aid when we call upon him. When we turn to him in prayer, isn’t it true that we often hear his voice: “Quiet, be still!”

And there is a great calm. So let us turn to God more frequently in prayer, not just with our words or petitions, but also in the prayer of quiet contemplation of the one who with us, who is love.
This week, we have our annual priest meetings, so we will be away most of the week. Please pray that our gathering will be fruitful and renewing.

Be assured of my prayers for you during this time.

Fr. Johnson