1. School Supplies Drive: last year we helped 75 kids with school supplies and vouchers. This year, we already have 50 kids signed up from kindergarten through 12th grade. Children in grades K through 5 (elementary) are asked to bring a back pack, head phones, thumb drives (starting at 3rd grade) and pocket folders along with a $45 fee for classroom supplies. We are asking for support to help these kids. We have created a voucher system for the classroom fee. The school collects them up, sends them to Holy Innocents, and we write one check. If the families do not pay the fees, the amount accumulates until graduation, and the fees must then all be paid or they don’t get a diploma. If you would like to contribute financially, there are envelopes in the pews for your convenience; or click here. Donations for middle and high school students are needed too: pens, folders, colored pencils, binders, paper, etc.
  2. Annual Bingo and Picnic Weekend: save the date: Bingo September 9 (everyone welcome, invite your friends and neighbors) and the Church Picnic September 10.
  3. Picnic Raffle Basket: we are still looking for donations for our Raffle Baskets — Breakfast, Family Night, Date Night. Suggestions on the display in the church.

Gail Dimock, Pastoral Associate