1. Happy Thanksgiving! In keeping with the season of gratitude, we will celebrate mass tomorrow morning at 9am.
  2. Our “Giving Garland” has been hung in the back of the church and the stairwell. We will once again be collecting gift cards for our pantry clients as well as gifts for Lazarus Day Center and the Juvenile Detention Center. Plan on grabbing a tag on your way in or out of mass this Sunday! Items should be returned back to the church no later than Dec 10th. Thank you for your generosity.
  3. Speaking of generosity and Thanksgiving… thank you to the 144 households who have already returned a Stewardship Pledge Card. Your generosity allows us to continue the good work of our parish. If you haven’t had a chance to turn in your pledge card yet, and want to be a part of this great mission, it is not too late! You can click here to make your pledge for the coming year…or just turn in your pledge card as soon as you can. All are invited to participate and Thank you for your generosity!