Ten Year Anniversary of the Dedication of Holy Innocents Church

It was ten years ago, on January 14, 2006, that Archbishop Brunett dedicated Holy Innocents Church.  For those who were here at the time, you remember that when we moved into this building it was basically “bare bones.”  The basement was entirely unfinished except for the studs for the walls.  The exterior doors to the narthex were not installed.  There were no Stations of the Cross or the large hanging crucifix.  There was no elevator, no gardens, no irrigation system, or stained glass windows.

Over the last ten years we have, patiently and persistently and with the help of many volunteer hours and generous donors, worked to finish and improve our beautiful church.

The Hall

TenYearHall2One of the first projects was to wire and sheet rock the basement.  Lights were hung and the Food Pantry was finished first to fulfill our long-standing commitment to providing help to others in need.  The office and classrooms were next.  Much later (praise God! says the staff) the bathrooms were finished in the hall.  Other projects in the hall were, first, two folding walls, and finally the third one this past year.  Getting the ceiling finished (2012) included more TenYearHall1lighting and fire alarms.

The elevator was installed (2009) thanks to a generous financial donation and as well as donated professional electrical work.  Installing the kitchen began with a financial donation and was completed with many hours of work by our Knights of Columbus in 2010.  In recent years a parishioner provided our security system and built a storage unit for the tables and chairs in the hall.

The hall is nearly finished now.  We are currently working on storage space for the pantry under the west stairway.  We still want to finish the cement floor in some way.  Some day, perhaps, better folding chairs.

The Grounds

TenYearGrounds1Before we could occupy the church we had to do wetlands plantings and build a retaining wall for the sidewalk down from Cherry Valley Road.  Over several years, volunteers developed and maintained the many gardens around the church.  The irrigation system was installed so we could provide water for the new lawns and  plantings.  Holy Mowers  and Holy Gardeners were recruited to  continue the development and maintenance of our grounds.

TenYearGrounds3We took our church bell from the old church, and volunteers constructed the bell tower and hung the bell (2008).

We got a shed for the mowers and later the Knights built a second shed for storage.  The Knights also installed the cross (2009) by the driveway entrance onto our property.

Another project was creating and building (2008) the pathway from the lower parking lot to the upper entrance.  There were lots of Big Toys to use in that project!

We have had three Eagle Scout projects outside:  the gazebo, the Mary Garden, and the garden around the entrance cross.

Most recently, for Holy Innocents’ 100th Anniversary we built the plaza north of the church.  Parishioners bought dedication pavers to help with the costs.  If you are interested, pavers are still available for purchase and installation.  Forms are available in the narthex.

The Church & Narthex

FrontofChurch.BoxThe money for the exterior doors and windows in the narthex were paid for by a parish auction and were installed in 2007.  Early on, Merlin Endres completed many of the woodworking projects for the worship space:  number boards for the hymns, kneelers  by the tabernacle, a platform and stand for the tabernacle, a platform and stand for the music leaders.

Soon after we began worshiping in the church, parishioners donated money for the Stations of the Cross which were created by John Tapert.  In 2008 the large hanging crucifix was added.  Between 2011 and 2013 parishioners donated funds for the stained glass windows in the clerestory which were created by Edward Arnot.  The most recent stained glass windows were completed include the Mary window and the Reconciliation Room Window.

Along the way we installed choir microphones in church and speakers  in the narthex.  Another Eagle Scout project was the small kneelers that fit in the “V” of the pews.  And now we are looking forward to an additional row of new pews!

Holy Innocents is a Work in Progress

There are many more future building projects in the full site plan.  Most of them significantly expensive:  a chapel, a full hall, classrooms, administrative building, additional parking.  The full site plan can be found on the bulletin board in the hall outside the office.

While many of the accomplishments of the past ten years were accomplished with donations of time/money, we still have a mortgage to pay off.  The monthly payment is $24,200.  Last year we began a 5-year pledge with a goal to pay down the loan ahead of time as much as possible.  If you have not made a pledge or contribution to the building fund, it is not too late!  You could make a four-year pledge starting this month.  Contact the office or register online.  Every donation gets us closer to paying off that loan!