Pack up the family and a picnic lunch and plan on spending the afternoon out at the camp with other families from the parish. The waterfront will be open for canoeing and the trails open for some short hikes.

Contact Debby Wiedner for more information.


Do not use Google maps “Get Directions” – Google directions are inaccurate!

  1. Camp Hamilton is between Monroe and Duvall, off of Hwy 203, approximately 20 minutes from Holy Innocents.
  2. Turn Right out of Holy Innocents and take Cherry Valley down to SR203 and make the Hard Right on to SR203 and continue for 3.5 miles.
  3. Turn Right onto Cherry Valley Rd (up the hill) “the other Cherry Valley Road.”
  4. Soft Right onto Lake Fontal Rd (as Cherry Valley meets Lake Fontal Road)
  5. Left at curve as Fontal Rd turns into Kayak Lake Road (Stay on Fontal Rd)
  6. Country road turns to dirt. Continue past yellow gate
  7. Look for Camp Hamilton signs and brown gates