How much of the funds donated to the campaign is going to the Archdiocese?

All campaign funds raised will be put toward the needs and priorities identified in the campaign case book and on the campaign website. None of the campaign funds raised are goi

ng to the Archdiocese of Seattle for operating expenses. If the campaign raises more than our $100 million goal, those funds will still only be used towards the needs identified in the campaign case statement and returned to parishes at a greater (85 percent) share. In our parish, the money raised will be used for building the addition that will become an office for our priests. The remainder will be used to support the retirement and medical needs of our priests and sisters throughout the Archdiocese. Your charitable gift to the Called to Serve as Christ campaign will help the Archdiocese to build a future which answers Christ’s call to serve for future generations.

Together we have the opportunity to show our gratitude and commitment to those who have supported us throughout the difficulties and joys of life. Join us in giving back to the priests and women religious who have given so selflessly for all of us.  Enjoy this video to see how the Called To Serve as Christ Campaign will benefit our spiritual fathers and sisters as well as the family of faith.

More information can be found on the Called to Serve As Christ web site.