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How to Become Catholic

Would you like to find out about becoming Catholic? Do you have questions about what it means to be Catholic? Maybe you have been a Christian in another Christian tradition. Maybe you have no formal Christian background. Perhaps you were baptized as a baby in the Catholic Church or in another Christian denomination but that is the extent of your Christian formation.

Holy Innocents Church offers class sessions through the RCIA process. RCIA stands for the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. The church understands that it takes time to discern whether or not you are called to become Catholic. The RCIA is divided up into four parts.


Inquiry is a time to ask questions and to begin to experience some of Catholic worship and traditions. If you are ready to make a decision to continue in your journey into the Catholic faith tradition, the Church welcomes you in the first rite: the Rite of Welcoming and Acceptance. You will receive a parishioner sponsor at this time.


The Catechumenate is a time to continue asking questions and to learn more about the sacramental life of the church.

Rite of Election

Around the time Lent begins (the 40 days before Easter), you are invited to come to the Cathedral in Seattle with many others like you from other churches.The Bishop greets you and asks you to affirm your desire to join the Church. This is called the Rite of Election.

During Lent, you are asked to look more prayerfully at what it will mean to become a Catholic. Reception into the Church happens at the Easter Vigil, the night before Easter. These are the final rites of the RCIA: baptism, confirmation and eucharist. Those who have not been baptized are baptized, confirmed and receive communion. Those who have already been baptized in another Christian tradition receive confirmation and communion.


The last stage of the RCIA is called Mystagogia: a time to reflect on what has happened and to consider how you want to live out your Catholic Christian faith.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming Catholic, please Contact Us!

Easter Vigil Baptism

Easter Vigil Baptism

Rite of Christian Initiation Adapted for Children

The RCIA adapted for Children is designed for children 7 to 16 years of age who have either not yet been Baptized or who were already Baptized in another Christian faith tradition but who are now seeking to become Roman Catholic.   The process is modeled after the adult process, in the specific stages, but must be adjusted to the age and faith levels of those who are participating.

The children and/or youth explore scripture, Catholic Faith and traditions.   The process involves, small group gatherings with catechists, encouragement to begin engaging in regular parish community gatherings and exploration of what it mean to live our Catholic faith.

The time period for preparation depends on those involved but always culminates in the celebration of all the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil.

Please contact us for more details.