The purpose of this plan is as a guide that builds upon the already strong existing ministries in order to support our pastor and parish leadership in establishing priorities and areas of growth for Holy Innocents over the next 5 years.



  • Establish a team of parish volunteers dedicated to exploring various forms of communication to be used with parishioners and between Holy innocents and our surrounding community.
  • Find new ways to use social media to communicate general parish information and promotion both to parishioners and the greater community.
  • Find new, creative ways to communicate when we’re all present in mass on Sundays as well as visual and interactive displays that can be set up in the building and around the building.


  • Develop new ways to invite our Spanish speaking community to share their gifts and talents with the parish community.
  • Expand Pastoral care outreach ministry by raising awareness of the pastoral care already available to parishioners and non-parishioners and inviting more volunteers to share their time in this ministry.
  • Find ways to invite new members (non-practicing Catholics, non-Catholics) to join Holy Innocents as actively involved parishioners.
  • Strengthen our current social outreach ministries by reaching out to those within the parish as well as those within the larger community.

 Financial Stewardship

  • Communicate more effectively to parishioners the financial needs of the parish
  • Foster an understanding and appreciation of the importance of financial stewardship at Holy Innocents so that the number of pledgers and % of giving increases
  • Reduce the parish building loan in order to reallocate parish resources to expand and improve facilities and programs.

 Family Ministry

  • Recruit more volunteers to support and lead various components of the children and youth ministry
  • Continue work towards the  goal to hiring  a youth Minister to the staff
  • Identify, develop and offer meaningful activities that encourage the development of faith-centered family life.
  • Continue to find ways to engage children and youth in the Liturgy

 Parish Life

  • Identify parishioners who live geographically close (neighborhood groups) in order to build connections outside of mass and also present another vehicle for communication,  social gatherings, small faith communities and potential pastoral care opportunities.
  • Provide new opportunities for adult faith formation for both English and Spanish speaking parishioners and potential new parishioners.
  • Identify ways to invite and utilize parishioner’s gifts to serve the parish and its ministries.
  • Develop parish events to enhance the parish community and invite the greater community into Holy Innocents.