Outreach at Holy Innocents

Holy Innocents Church in Duvall seeks to fulfill its mission of service to all in need who come to seek aid.

For those who are hungry there is the Holy Innocents Food Pantry in the church basement  

  • Open Wednesdays 10:00 am – 11:45 pm and
  • Open Wednesdays 3:00 pm – 4:45 pm

For those who need clothing, there is the Holy Innocents Clothing Closet in the church basement during the same times.

For those who need financial help, there is the local St. Vincent de Paul Conference. Contact the parish office.



Other outreach programs that Holy Innocents supports with financial and volunteer help:

  •  Lunch Bunch at HopeLink in Carnation
  • Lazarus Day Center in Seattle
  • Matthew House in Monroe
  • Echo Glen in North Bend
  • Other groups who provide outreach connected to Holy Innocents Church
  • Faith Formation program outreach.
  • Holiday Assistance
  • School Supplies
  • Knights of Columbus

Lunch Bunch

Every Thursday morning a group of volunteers gather at the HopeLink Service Center in Carnation. This is an unusual group because it is one of the longest-lasting ecumenical groups in the Snoqualmie Valley.More than 20 years ago, a letter went out to all the service organizations in the Valley inviting them to a meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to consider a ministry of hospitality to the people who come each week to the Food Bank. Four organizations sent representatives to that first meeting: Tolt Congregational Church and St. Anthony Catholic Church in Carnation, Fall City Methodist Church, and Holy Innocents Church in Duvall. Those four groups are still involved. They call themselves the Lunch Bunch.

Each week the volunteers serve lunch to between 50 and 90 people. They never know exactly how many will show, but it works out that there is enough for all. In January 2002 they served 323 meals, an average of 65 a week. They always have two entrées, sandwiches, salad, and dessert.

Holy Innocents donates $45 a month to the overhead of the Lunch Bunch project as do the other 3 churches. Much of that money goes for non-food supplies such as paper and plastic items. 

Volunteers come together and prepare the meal. 

One of the side benefits of this outreach ministry is the chance to get to know other Christians in the Valley. The volunteers grow together in mutual support of each other and each other’s churches.

Patty and Beth would welcome any Holy Innocents parishioners who might be interested in participating in the Lunch Bunch ministry. It would be good to have a couple of more parishioners involved.  Contact the church office if you are interested.


Holy Innocents gives use of its facilities for non-profit community organizations such as various Boy and Girl Scout troops, Camelot Society (homes for disabled adults), Children’s Services of Snoqualmie Valley programs, 4-H, Soccer Associations, and other groups.

Holy Innocents has for many years provided space for Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings at a minimal charge.

Holiday Assistance/Giving Tree

Holy Innocents provides Thanksgiving meals for our Food Pantry families (supported by the generous financial contributions of parishioners and local community members).  We have Giving Tags avaialble in our church as well as many local busiinesses. The tags/trees are ususally up after Thanksgiving. You can tell which businesses are participating bt the RED HOLIDAY HELPERS sign in their window.  Volunteers are needed to organize and distribute the Christmas gift cards and grocery certificates.



Pantry Setup

On Tuesday, volunteers gather from 10:30 AM - 2:30 PM to sort food and non-food items for the Pantry.  Some of the tasks are dividing things like coffee, sugar, preparing the paper bags, stocking the shelves, etc.  Volunteers come when they can and have a fun time getting the pantry ready for the clients. We have about 8 volunteers that come almost every week, more are always welcome!!

 Pantry Distribution

Our pantry is open on Tuesday from 4:45 - 7 PM and Wednesday from 10-11:45 AM.  Volunteers check in clients and assist them in getting the food and packing up the groceries.  Volunteers are are always needed! If you'd like to help out please email carrie@holyinn.org. 

St. Vincent De Paul Society

Members of our St. Vincent de Paul Conference meet with and pray for those in need in our community. They provide financial assistance and encouragement.  Contact Patty Sharp 425-788-4704 for more information.

Once or twice a year our St. Vincent de Paul members sponsor “Bundle Sunday” and have the SVdP truck at the parish for donations.

In January, our St. Vincent de Paul sponsors “Souper Bowl” Sunday.  They decorate two barrels which represent the two teams playing in that year’s Super Bowl.  Parishioners “vote” for their favorite team by donating food for the Food Pantry.

School Supply Drive

Late summer we ask for donations so our clients can purchase school supplies for their children. We also collect backpacks and some school supplies to be handed out to the children.   Check the outreach school supply page for a list of much needed (and appreciated) items.

Social Justice Commission

The members of our Social Justice Commission meet to consider how our community can be informed and involved in social justice issues.  Recent projects have included Fair Trade coffee, Habitat for Humanity, Tent City meals, organizing the Giving Tree program.

Lazarus Day Center Sandwich Making

Our community makes and delivers sandwiches to the Lazarus Day Center in Seattle each month.  Volunteers shop for ingredients, make the sandwiches and drive the sandwiches into Seattle.  Contact Jan Buchthal 425-788-1234 to find out about participating.

The Lazarus Day Center serves older homeless men and women in Seattle. Each month volunteers at Holy Innocents gather on the 19th of the month to make 200 sandwiches. 

On the 20th of the month, a parish volunteer picks up the sandwiches and drives them into Seattle.  *Volunteers making sandwiches

At Christmas time, we collect personal hygiene and toiletry items, NEW warm socks, underwear, sweatshirts, sweatpants, gloves, scarfs and hats, and send them on for the men and women at Lazarus Center.