Stewardship of Treasure

Each year we ask our parishioners to reflect and re-evaluate their financial stewardship and commit a portion of their financial gift toward covering the costs of the ongoing operations and ministries of our Holy Innocents.

NEW this year – Have you wondered what Stewardship as a Way of Life means?  Watch this video to see how it is being lived out in parishes of the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Being a good steward of treasure

Giving a portion of financial resources is part of stewardship living. It is a powerful way of showing we truly believe that all we possess has been given to us by our God. Some advocate sacrificial giving as a way to make sure we return a portion of our wealth to the Lord. While sacrificial giving doesn’t entail a specific amount, it does mean we make God our top priority.”— CATHOLIC STEWARDSHIP, SHARING GOD’S GIFTS

Renew your Stewardship Gift or Setup your Gift Online here.  Donate in the Parish Support Section.

If you want help setting up an online giving account, please contact Sabrina Parnel in the parish office.

Understand how much it takes to run our parish!

In our own lives, we each have bills to pay and deadlines by which they are due. There’s the mortgage payment, bills for electric service, water and sewer, natural gas, cable television, garbage collection, repairs and maintenance, lawn maintenance and much, much more. For most of our families, these costs are generated by occupancy of our home by two, three, four, or perhaps even seven or eight members of the family. Imagine if your monthly bills were generated by usage of the home by hundreds of people each week.

The dollar amounts of the bills that Holy Innocents church incurs to do this are not imaginary but are very real. These bills are paid through the generosity of the members of our Parish, principally through their weekly offerings at Mass. It is our duty as good Christian stewards to adopt a plan for being a good steward of our treasure, and taking care of our spiritual family with the same urgency with which we care for our immediate family.

How to be a good steaward of treasure! 

To adopt a practice of sacrificial giving, follow these steps:

First, agree to return to the Lord in gratitude a portion of everything He has given you. Add a line to your personal budget for God, and give of your first fruit not just what’s left over.

Second, your return to the Lord must have a certain bite to it, Sacrificial giving means making a sacrifice. The cost of a movie for four with popcorn and drinks can be upward of 40 dollars or more. This is often less than a parishioner donates to their Parish in a month.

Third, get specific about the size of your donation. Planning for it on a weekly/monthly basis will allow you to take from your first fruits, and not wait to the last minute when money may be less plentiful. An easy way to accomplish this is to sign up for online offerings to the Parish. By doing this you can plan the amount each month, the day that it will be debited from your account and similar to other things that you pay monthly online, it comes out first and can be budgeted.


Building Mortgage Campaign – Living Stones


Living Stones Capital Campaign Page

Archdiocesan Collections and Campaign


  • Operation Rice Bowl: This Lenten program has a fundraising component to it, along with resources for prayer, fasting and learning. 75% of donations fund developing world agriculture, education and self-sufficiency projects. 25% is distributed as grants in Western Washington for local hunger projects and antipoverty programs.
  • Catholic Relief Services Collection:Mandated by the United States Catholic Bishops, this fund provides for Catholic Relief Services, US Catholic Bishop’s Dept. of Justice, Peace and Human Development; Holy Father’s Relief Fund, CLINIC and US Catholic Bishop’s Migration and Refugee Services
  • Annual Catholic Appeal: This appeal provides a portion of the funds for the central budget of the Archdiocese, funding 63 ministries and service throughout Western WA communities, including priest’s and sister’s retirement, pastoral care ministries, faith formation, religious education and seminarian formation among others
  • Peter’s Pence: This collection allows local Catholics to join the works of the Holy Father in helping to relieve the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable; victims of war, oppression, and natural disasters.
  • Build Hope: This collection supports two national campaigns instituted by the US Bishop: The Catholic Campaign for Human Development and the Catholic Communications Campaign. The CCHD serves to combat domestic poverty and to implement the Church’s social teaching. Catholic Communications supports the Church’s efforts to use modern means of Communication to spread the Gospel
  • World Mission Sunday: This collection is celebrated in all the local Churches as the feast of catholicity and universal solidarity so Christians the world over will recognize their common responsibility with regard to the evangelization of the world, benefiting the Society for the Propagation of the Faith.
  • Catholic Community Services Week: The annual CCS week informs parishioners about the work of CCS and the Archdiocesan Housing Authority. CCS is the official social service outreach of the Catholic Church in Western Washington.