Volunteer Opportunity

Volunteer Opportunities


The following list was created for you to see a quick listing of what service opportunities are available here at Holy Innocents.  Please also check the Outreach page for more detailed information on opportunities listed below, more opportunities and for more ideas on how you can serve.

Holy Innocents occasionally has paid positions available as well.  Check our Help Wanted page for available positions.

Thank you for your support.

Liturgical Ministries-  

The ministries that support our Sunday and Holy Day ministries here at Holy Innocents are always growing and inviting new people to get involved. These ministries include Ushers; Eucharistic Ministers; Lectors; Altar Servers and Sacristans. For more information or to volunteer for one of these important ministries, please contact Sabrina Parnell@holyinn.org.

Coffee Hour

Coffee hour volunteers are needed.  We are currently in need of volunteers to help with the 8am mass coffee hour. Contact Sabrina Parnell@holyinn.org for details or call the church (phone # at bottom of this page).

 Pantry Volunteer – weekly

Holy Innocents Food Pantry Information can be found here.

Monday Morning Counter – weekly

Help with counting and depositing the Sunday collection Monday morning (9:30a until about 10:30a).  You would be scheduled about twice/month: flexible.

SPOTLIGHT MINISTRY! → Office Volunteer

We are always looking for people willing to work in the office a couple of hours on weekdays. Tasks include answering the door and phone, updating records and helping to prepare for parish programs.

Currently we are looking for people for Monday afternoons, anytime on Tuesday; Wednesday afternoons or anytime Thursdays. Call the office (425-788-1400) if you have the skills and time to serve in this important Office ministry.

Web Site Admin and Content Manager

The Holy Innocents IT Committee is currently looking for someone who is willing to help maintain the Holy Innocents web site – publish new pages, update posts, & replace outdated information.  The site uses WordPress so any experience with this app is helpful – but not required.  This is a volunteer opportunity and will be shared with other web site helpers.  Please contact Debby Weidner for more information.

Desktop Support Help – year round, shared

Holy Innocents has a small computer network that requires someone to maintain it as well as provide application/desktop support help.  The office ladies sometimes need help because something doesn’t print or the Internet stops working.  The help provided will be minimal and the responsibility will be shared, questions and problems are rare and usually not urgent.  Please contact Debby Weidner for more details.

Lazarus Sandwich Making – monthly

On the 19th of every month, volunteers show up to make sandwiches for the Lazarus Day Center in Pioneer Square.  Just show up at the church to help.  No need to make a reservation.  Sandwich making time is at 10am, with the exception of Sunday when the we meet after the 10:30am mass.

Holy Gardeners – Spring/Summer

We have 31 gardens here at Holy Innocents and we are fast becoming the “Buchart Gardens” of Duvall. Consider joining the Holy Gardeners.  Contact us for more information on this ministry.

Holy Mowers – Spring/Summer

Mowers are asked to spend about 2 to 3 hours once/month to keep the grounds neat.  More information coming to this space on the Holy Mowers ministry.  Contact us if you want more information.


 We have more opportunities and ever changing needs.  Check back for updates!!!!!