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"Whatever drew you here today, I hope that you will feel the presence of the Lord in this Church and in this community of faith." Father Johnson

ALL parish activities at Holy Innocents Catholic Church are suspended immediately including daily and Sunday Mass.


Holy Thursday  Mass of the Lord's Supper 7pm

Watch it on Holy Innocents Facebook Page or click on the video below  



Pray the Stations of the Cross Friday at 7pm   

Click here for Stations of the Cross Worship Aid 




Palm Sunday Mass -- 9am --- facebook.com/HolyInnocentsDuvall 

Or here: 



Holy Week LiveStream Schedule & Church Hours

 We are unable to celebrate these liturgies publicly but we invite you to pray with us via livestream at facebook.com/HolyInnocentsDuvall/ 
PALM SUNDAY --   9:00 am    Mass of Passion Sunday -                               Bishop Mueggenborg & Father Johnson  (Church open 10 am- Noon)

 HOLY MONDAY   11:30 am  Daily Mass

HOLY TUESDAY     11:30 am  Daily Mass

HOLY WEDNESDAY 11:30 am  Daily Mass (Church open for prayer noon-2pm)                                    7:00 pm Penitential Liturgy (not sacramental absolution)                                            Read about this service in Fr. Johnson's letter            HOLY THURSDAY  7:00 pm  Mass of the Lord’s Supper - Bishop Meuggenborg                              (Church open for prayer 8-10 pm-no solemn adoration this year) 

GOOD FRIDAY - Day of fast and abstinence                                                                                 (Church open for private prayer Noon-2pm)                                                        3:00 pm  Celebration of the Lord’s Passion -                                                     Bishop Mueggenborg will Preside                                                                     (Church open for private prayer before the Cross 4-7 pm)                                       7:00 pm  Station of the Cross -Led By Fr.Johnson 

HOLY SATURDAY (Church open for private prayer 9-11 am)                                                             8:30 pm      Easter Vigil Mass   Bishop Mueggenborg

Easter Sunday 

Easter Mass from Holy Innocents: 9am Bishop Mueggenborg to Preside                                               facebook.com/HolInnocentsDuvall                                                                       (Church will be open 10 am -- noon)

                              11:00 am     Easter Mass from St. Jude in Redmond                                                                See Livestream at  www.stjude-redmond.org 
Holy Week Prayer Resources: 
  At Home With Faith   Pray With Magnificat   Perfect act of contrition 
Please note for visiting the church that the usual requirements apply.  If you or a family member is experience respiratory symptom you must stay home.  If you are over 60 or have vulnerable conditions you are strongly advised to stay home.  All persons must use hand sanitizer upon entering and must maintain a social distance of 6 feet.  


Read Fr. Johnson's letter for Holy Week including information on the Wednesday Penitential Liturgy here. 




Watch Daily Mass Livestream at 11:30am each day

Perfect Contrition and Spiritual Communion Prayers





 The Parish Office is now closed 

If you need anything, you can call the parish office and leave a message and one of us will get back to you.  If you have a sacramental or pastoral need, please email one of the staff or you may email me directly at frjohnson@stjude-redmond.org.


We are taking food donations for the food pantry

  •  Please drop food at the church between 9 am - 12 noon on Monday Mornings. Thank you for any  fresh produce, canned fruit or vegetables and boxed meals. 
  • You can  also drop gift cards into the mailbox located outside the lower doors of the church on the West side of the building at any time, just please raise the flag so we know they are there. 





At Home with Faith Links to Prayers and Faith Practices 

Rosary: www.sacredheartradio.org

Stations of the Cross

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Sunday Gospel Reflections by Bishop Mueggenborg:

Weekly Reflections

Archbishop Etienne's video message to Archdiocese regarding directives for the celebration of Mass  with the outbreak of COVID-19 -- March 11, 2020

Holy Innocents Food Pantry will be open with new parameters. Please visit the outreach page for more details https://www.holyinn.org/85







Meatless Meal, Stations of the Cross & Adoration


Living Stones 2020 Campaign

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 Vision Statement 

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Archbishop Etienne has issued a directive out of care and love for all of our people throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle to help stop the spread of COVID-19. 



All masses are suspended at this time.

Rice Bowls: Return your Rice Bowls to the baskets in the Narthex of the Church when you come by for private prayer and devotion or donate online a the link below.

Online Giving


Catholic News & Perspective



Pantry Update

The food pantry will remain open during this time. We will be prepacking boxes of food.

I am asking that no senior volunteers help on site during this time. We will be working on Tuesday and Wednesdays packing and handing out the food. If you would like to help please email me at carrie@holyinn.org.

If you are out and want to purchase food for the pantry the following items are the most needed at this time:

Canned/jarred items – meals, vegetables, fruit, pasta sauce, peanut butter, jelly, tomato products; Boxed/bagged items – cereal, pasta, side dishes  hamburger helper.

We also need perishable items - onions, potatoes, apples, oranges, bananas, tomatoes do not need to be refrigerated.

Thank you


Lazarus Sandwich Making 

Sandwiches will now be made at 1 Pm on the 10th of each month instead of 10 AM. Please join us in making sandwiches for the homeless this month!

The Food Pantry will not accept any household items or clothing until further notice.