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(From our parochial vicar while Fr. Johnson is on vacation this week)

February 26, 2021

My dear friends,
Some of you may have heard of the recent tragic event at the headquarters of Catholic Community Services and Catholic Housing Services at the Randolph Carter Family and Learning Center in Seattle. A “distraught individual” entered and “threatened the life of a staff member before taking his own life.” Fortunately, no one was harmed and all the staff were able to exit the building safely.

In a letter addressed to Catholics of the Archdiocese of Seattle, Archbishop Etienne has said, “Events like this remind us of the stress and pain that unrelenting poverty can bring. Events like this remind us of the real suffering and frustration that coincide with untreated health conditions. Events like this remind us of the desperation and hopelessness people feel before taking their own lives – a tragic trend that is exacerbated by the pressure of the COVID-19 epidemic.”

All of us have suffered during COVID-19 to a certain degree. Some of us have lost loved ones due to Coronavirus. Some of us have been in lockdown for several months, especially the elderly. Some have not been able to meet family members in-person. Some have lost work, and many other situations as ell. Only you can tell how much COVID-19 has affected your life.

Last week, Fr. Johnson quoted Pope Francis’ Lenten reflection calling Catholics to “return to the Lord” by embracing this year’s Lenten journey. This week’s Gospel reading tells the story of Peter, James and John going up to the mountain with the Lord, where he was transfigured before them. This Transfiguration event illumined the Lord’s glorified body. The disciples witnessed this and believed even more in Jesus as the Christ. Most of us believe in our Lord Jesus as the Christ of God in our faith and our love for God and we recognize the Lord’s presence in the Eucharist. Even though we were not privileged to witness the Lord’s glorified body with our own eyes, we are blessed by our faith that gives us confidence in God’s love for us.
In our stress and anxiety during COVID-19, we can come to visit the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. Peter wanted to build three tents for the Lord, Moses and Elijah.

The “tent” of the Lord has been built and waits for us to enter and spend time with him. The disciples were shocked looking at Jesus on the Cross, and their faith was tested until they saw him risen from the dead. Our faith has also been tested through our many trials, especially COVID-19. The Lord said to his disciples, “I will be with you to the end of the age.” The Lord is also present with us here and now; what we need to do is withdraw from our busy lives to be with the Lord in his “tent” before the blessed sacrament in adoration. 

Let us pray for each other that each of us experience the Lord’s presence to us so that our faith is strengthened through our stress and anxiety.
Your vicar,
Fr. Anh Tran



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